Common Camp, Morpeth

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This website is a record of a Polish resettlement camp which was situated in Morpeth, Northumberland from 1947 to 1961. We have a gallery of photographs, some historical details and an interactive map which lets you click on a hut for additional details.

The website is run by a former resident and relies on user contributions. If you have any information or any questions, please get in touch.


Website Update

Hut 65 and Tait Caravan added to the hut map.

Website Update

Three new image in the concert room gallery.

New images added to hut 73 on the hut map.

Website Update

Hut 44 added to the hut map.

Website Update

Huts 22 and 40 added to the hut map.

Website Update

Updated layout so website works better on phones.
Removed broken plan map.

Website Update

The website is available again.

Website Update

New photos added to Hut 3g on the hut map.

New image in the concert room gallery.

Website Update

New hut 3g and chapel photos added to the hut map.

New image in the concert room gallery.

Website Update

Hut 11a and photos added to the hut map.

New image in the group gallery.

Website Update

We now have a newspaper cuttings gallery.

Thanks to Professor Alan W Davison for sending the cuttings and to the Morpeth Herald newspaper for allowing us to post them on this website.

Polish Resettlement Camps in England and Wales

New publication coming soon from the owners of the Polish Resettlement Camps website, Zosia and Jurek Biegus.

Polish Resettlement Camps in England and Wales Cover

The book should be available mid February 2013.

Website Update

Hut 15 - Kawak has a new photo on the hut map page.
A new photo has been added to the concert room gallery.

Website Update

Added caption to the 10th photo in the concert room gallery.
The hut map has been updated:
Hut 15 (Kawak) has new information and a new photo.
A photograph has been added to Alice's shop.

Website Update

Fixed the plan map.

Website Update

In 2010 we ran a blog about the Common Camp and this website. I've added all our old blog posts to this page.

We've added the missing photo to the Journey page.
Imported previous blog posts to the News pages.

Town Trail for Morpethians 10

Town Trail for Morpethians 10 Cover

For a more detailed history of the Common Camp and the area, I recommend this A4 booklet. It is written by A. H. Tweddle, the noted Morpeth Historian, and the current version was revised by A. W. Davison.

It is available at outlets in Morpeth such as the Chantry tourist office, Appleby's book shop (they are on-line at and the Old Herald Office on Bridge St.

There are nine other booklets in the series covering different areas of Morpeth.

Website Update

Added new photographs to the journey page.
Fixed a problem with the hut map.

Website Update 2011-04-02

This week, we've published two website updates:

There are new photographs in the gallery.
The residents page has been updated.

We’ve been updating how the website works behind the scenes. These changes should not be visible to you, but make maintaining the website much easier for us. If you find anything is broken, please let us know.

A map update should be coming in a few weeks but we have some more behind the scenes work we need to finish first.

Happy New Year to you all

Szczesliwego Nowego Roku.

Hope this coming New Year more visitors will get in touch. We need input from everybody, even if it is just to add corrections. So if you feel something about the site is not correct, tell us and we will do our best to put it right. Still waiting for Osinski, Berezowski, Kawa, Kawak, Magnowski, Kurpriel, Hawrylak, Jaworski, Szymon and Wrobel to get in touch to name a few.

All the Best Charlie Gajdus

Wesołych Świąt

Merry Christmas to all our visitors.

Website Update 2010-11-21

Yesterday we updated the website.

Changes include:

Military Gallery has a new photo.
Concert Room Gallery new photo.
Back gates map:
Hut 32 Ostrouchow can now be clicked.
2 viewpoints added.

Website Update 2010-11-13

The Military Gallery has a new photograph.

The Main Entrance hut map has been updated:

This map has four view points (red circles) added. If you click on one of these, you’ll see a photograph of that area of the camp.

Huts 12 (Luzanycia) and 3g (Rozgowski) can now be clicked.

The caravan and stores can now be clicked.

The flats/hospital now contains information about flat 1.

Polish Rememberance Service

The priest has confirmed a new date for the service with Chrystyna Wojcicka. It will be at the Churchyard Morpeth on Saturday 6th of Nov. at 2pm

Please come if you can.

Please note the priest has confirmed a new date as above.

Website Update 2010-10-31

We have just updated the website.

The central hut map has been updated:
- Hut 82 (Petrovic)
- Hut 54 (Kuzbyt)
- Alice’s shop
- Kawa
- Kawak
- Wrobel
- Jadach
- Szymon
- Hut 55 (Hawrylak)

- Four new photos added to the group gallery.
- New names added to the residents page.

Morpeth Unscripted... Tales of the Common Camp

I was wondering if anyone went to the Common Camp Exhibition in the Town Hall Morpeth. Have you had a chance to listen to the CD yet ? Has anyone any comments. It would be great to hear from the contributors.

Website Update 2010-09-11

We have just uploaded another website update.

But I would also like to take the opportunity to thank my contributors for their much appreciated efforts.

I would like to thank Bill Zielenbach [ Wanda Labudzinskas husband ] from the USA. For all his tireless scanning and emailing of photos which has greatly contributed to the make up of the site. And for his regular updates of home life in New Jersey. Thanks to him we also have many photos from the Rotkewicz collection which they kindly sent him.

Thank you to Danusia [ Gosk ] for sorting out positions of family and huts. What an amazing memory.

We would also like to thank Krystnia the youngest of the Ostrowski family for her many photos and contributions from her sister Anna.

Also thanks for being first with a lot of photos to John Drozdowicz.

Thanks also to Camp Photographer and Army Camp resident Zbignef Nurowski for all his photos.

Also to the neighbours from hell the Tropiejko family who have come back to haunt us. I knew Yola would end up in Prison. (Ok she works there and they were perfect neighbours)

Thanks to Andy Siwiak , John Dytrch, George Niewiadomski and anybody else that I have missed for contributing.

Website changes include:

Two additions to the Residents page.
The ‘Both back gates’ hut map has updated hut positions.
Information or photos have been added to these huts: Dombrowski, Komisarczek, Kalwinski, 39b (Płonka), 48 (Jaworski), Kolodynski, Kalwinski, Wrobel, 42 (Bednarski), 42a (Went), 41 (Rotkiewicz), 41a (Nowicki).
The Group Photograph Gallery has an additional photograph.

We are working on an update.

Just a quick note to say a website update is coming, including more photos and an updated map.